Pork is the best natural source for Vit B1

Pork is the best natural source for Vit B1

Thiamin is vitamin B1, a water soluble vitamin found naturally in foods. Essential for metabolic function, thiamin is required to extract energy from the food we eat. Early stage thiamin deficiency is characterized by weight loss, confusion, short-term memory loss, muscle weakness, and cardiovascular symptoms.


Thiamin is found naturally in foods and commonly added as a synthetic vitamin to most processed cereal grains in the USA. The liver stores thiamin but only in small amounts and because it is a water-soluble vitamin, daily ingestion is required to maintain necessary levels. The recommended daily amount for the average adult is 1.2 milligrams of thiamin per day. Because it is a water-soluble vitamin, overdosing on vit B1 is unusual and some studies suggest higher doses are beneficial.

Pork is naturally high in vit B1. In fact pork is the best natural source for vit B1! A single 3 oz serving of ground pork will be you about 50% of your daily need and 6 oz of  broiled tenderloin will meet 137% of your need! By comparison, a serving of cooked ground beef only has 6% and beef liver 14%.

So eat pork as a part of your healthy, balanced diet.

For more reading visit https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Thiamin-HealthProfessional/ or https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/vitamin-b1/

An easy site to explore the nutritional components of common foods is the USDA's official FoodData Central site - simply type in the food or nutrient you are interested in learning more about in the search bar.

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