First generation farmers, Sarah Hodge and Ram Naresh, tend to pastures and orchards in Fennville, Michigan where they raise their flock and family.

In the early years of their relationship, Sarah and Ram routinely spent Saturday mornings perusing local products and engaging with farmers at Fulton Street Farmers Market. Country living and family farming appealed to them both. 

Sarah grew up reading westerns and daydreaming of being a cowgirl, and Ram always dreamed of returning to the country and farming like his forefathers in India. It didn’t take long before Sarah and Ram found themselves restoring an old farmhouse in Portland while tending to a handful of pigs, a lively flock of sheep, and two small children of their own, Rohan and Adira.

As the flock grew, so did their need for space. Because of the beauty and favorable growing conditions, they hoped to resettle near Lake Michigan. When an opportunity in Fennville arose in 2022, Sarah, Ram, and the kids headed across the state with animals in tow.

Sarah and Ram picture themselves raising more than just meat. They hope to make their farm a place for community connection. Tiger Valley Ranch will be a place where folks experience slow living, connect with nature, and embrace community.

  • North Country Cheviot Sheep

    Originating in the rugged Cheviot hills of Scotland, the Cheviot’s are a tough and resilient sheep known for their ease of lambing, superior meat, and wool quality. 

  • Heritage Hogs

    A cross of heritage breeds that produce delicious meat and thrive on pasture.

  • Poultry

    We're also raising chickens, turkeys and ducks on pasture.